Family Consultant Testimonials

3 March 2019

Testimonials highlighting the invaluable role of the Family Consultant within the process. Provided by a husband and wife who reached a successful outcome in their divorce through using the HFLS model:

  • "Karen, I just want to say that from my perspective, you are the reason why 'the process' works. Can I just say thank you for the calm and empathetic way you navigated us through to a mutually acceptable finish position. Colloquially - you are very good at what you do."
  • "Thank you Karen for your support through the entire process. If you had told me on that raw, fragile day when we first spoke back in October that we would manage to get where we have arrived today, I would never have believed it. Your calm, compassionate and impartial championing of our relationship and our relationship with our children, has been the guiding light for me throughout."